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Set in a fictional Chicago suburb and South Haven, Michigan, Beyond Betrayal is the story of Maria Beaumont, a 25-year-old museum exhibit designer, who heals a romantic betrayal, develops new friendships and hopes, begins to see God in a different light, awakens her own artistic gifting, leads coworkers to prepare a Victorian Christmas exhibit, and discovers some secrets of enduring romance.

Just a little more:
A sensitive woman, Maria has spunk, a sense of humor, and old-fashioned values, gleaned mostly from the Victorian novels she favors. Her fashionista friend Carly and cowgirl coworker Jenny think she’s too sweet for her own good, and maybe she is. Then again, maybe she isn’t. What do you think?

Book excerpt:
Later, Maria ran Pascal over to Carly’s. In the red Miata, with its convertible top down, Carly drove them back to Maria’s for the “dress rehearsal” for Saturday. Loving every minute, Pascal sat up tall on the center console. The girls’ curls and the dog’s ears flew behind them as Carly sped past Rutherford Park.
“I wonder which house is Daniel’s,” Carly wondered aloud.
“I wonder if this counts as ‘walking the dog’,” Maria wondered aloud.
“I wonder if he’s going to call me. Do you think there’s a possibility he won’t?”
“I wonder if I should let the Beckers see Pascal riding home from his walk. Do you think they’ll fire me?”
“Not a chance,” said Maria.
“Not a chance,” said Carly.
They laughed as Pascal licked them both in turn as Maria untangled his leash and lifted him out of the car.

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