Writers like to write, and I’m no exception. Your clues would be the multicolor collage of scribbled sticky notes shingling most vertical and horizontal surfaces in my office, the multicolor notebooks tucked into book shelves and purses, and the multicolor travel journals filling a red wooden trunk. I won’t even get into all the computer folders (alas, monochromatic) containing everything from miscellaneous observations of the clouds to prayers to full-blown articles about Disney World. It seems I’m always scribbling something in anticipation of an abracadabra moment.

What’s an abracadabra moment? That’s when my impression of the graffiti on the Berlin Wall meets a concrete underpass in Chicago and becomes an insight for my main character. Or I chance to hear the word candelabra, which suddenly sounds so elegant and lyrical that I can’t wait to use it in a poem about my mom. Or when I see a man bouncing a rototiller along a stretch of asphalt and know that this observation will someday morph into metaphor. Call me a compulsive jotter.

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